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Oct. 7, 2018, 11:38 a.m. -  Kenny

Yeah, especially in spring/fall it seems your only real options are soaked in rain or soaked in sweat. It's still too warm out for even the best hardshells to not be stifling.  I have a mission workshop meridian, $600 cad worth of fancypants. It's decent but it's no magic bullet. The thing about all these jackets is that once the outer fabric wets out you might as well be wearing a $25 rubber raincoat from Kmart.  So needs to be washed and DWR reapplied every few rides. I hate washing such an expensive price of gear that often. But, if I don't, it peeforms like a cheap piece of gear and then what's the point? Catch 22.  For this reason I find the goretex shakedry interesting but it's not marketed to MTB since it's fragile. Having to replace my $400 rain coat every time I have a rapid unplanned dismount is also not super practical. Lol

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