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Oct. 3, 2018, 6:12 p.m. -  Peter Leeds

I have a Magna 40 set for my Surface Ti laced to Hadley hubs handbuilt from Pete at Chromag and I would put these wheels against what CB is offering hands down.  Moreover, they are cheaper.  I thought the Magna 40s were way too big but now that I have them I love them.  Also, they are very good with tubeless and hold a seal very well; I have had to put little air in the wheels if left for weeks (this was during the built when the bike was stationary until all the parts showed up).  If CB wanted to really impress me they could start with the Mallet C pedals that I have tried to love spring tension adjustor and the soft brass (I think) cleats that wear so fast you find out they are worn exactly when you don't want to....and the wear time is so fast you would think they were made of plastic.   And the top hoop is $2400 US.  At least aluminum gives or dents.  And as for "you get what you pay for"  I still think nothing beats handbuilt wheels from a true artisan gifted in the craft of wheel building.

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