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Oct. 1, 2018, 9:02 p.m. -  UFO

I'll chime in as the Chromag rider Cam referenced above. I'm also a die hard max-min'er ala DrewM and basically all my bike gear decisions are driven with value in mind. Crank Brothers have always placed their gear at the premium price point. These wheels are no exception, and they hold no reservations about that. Would I drop 2400usd on these, in a simple answer no. But I wouldn't even consider spending half of that on a set of wheels, nor would I drop 5k on a complete bike even, so I'm not the demographic that CB are marketing these wheels to.  CB are sensitive to market requests by offering a more budget friendly set of these wheels, and rim only options. I'm a huge fan of DT Swiss' star ratchets; but I must admit how much I've enjoyed the P321 2.5* engagement and how quiet the wheel/hub system has been

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