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Sept. 27, 2018, 6:39 a.m. -  MountainBikeBarbados .

Far as I recall, Lorie Greenland in the interview after the race that he was actually sorry he didn't wear his gloves as he started having hand slippage issues 1/2 way down the track, which lead to him riding his front wheel on one section. With Rachel, as she said, different grips as well, not just without gloves. As to Blenki, if you actually check, the couple races were gloves are mandatory, you'll notice AFAIR he had some of his best finishes for the year. Personally I'm no racer and I will ride without gloves on easier rides, either terrain wise or with less skilled people because of our heat, but once I'm actually going to be pushing it, that thin layer of material between my hands and the ground if I fall makes a HUGE difference in me being able to work or not and our heat just makes you sweat so much it helps loads with grip.

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