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Sept. 24, 2018, 6:54 p.m. -  phile

It was a big surprise to me for sure! (Uh, more so the first time than now...) I weigh 140 lbs and think of myself as easy on parts (e.g., I run less than 20 psi in both tires). During practice this weekend I saw someone destroy a carbon Santa Cruz rim at moderate speed on chunky terrain--he said he had 26 psi in it (he looked like he weighed <175 lbs), and he had no idea exactly what he had hit. Sounded like a balloon popping--everyone said "ooooh" in unison. During the race I almost landed on a guy who had just crashed off a blind drop and snapped his seat off its carbon rails. (He finished the stage with his seat tucked in his waistband.)

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