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Sept. 20, 2018, 8:53 a.m. -  Metacomet

But wait a second. Now you've got bicycles with motors in them to assist in speed and range. WTF? Isn't that motorized recreation? Isn't that motorized transportation? Sure as shit sounds like it to me. Why do they keep calling them Bikes!? Can't they see they have a motor in them? How can they think it's OK to just slide these motorized vehicles into areas that the land owners and land managers designated for things without motors? It's like they want to completely ignore the fact that there is a motor in there! Hello! I can see you little motor! How the hell do you expect me to ignore you!? When deciding trail access for this forest and lake, bikes and canoes and kayaks were given access to this area on the single premise that it is passive, non-motorized recreation. You know. Because they don't have a motor. Now that there is a motor in it, that has to be considered. Now there are many places where using a motor is FIIINE. But not in the area we said no motors. You have to look at them separately. They are not the same. Stop calling it a bike. Stop associating it with a bicycle. It is fundamentally no longer a simple bicycle. It is, and should be recognized as a completely different activity all together. Now if you want to keep calling it a bike for whatever reason motor or not, well then hell, that's your own demise. Because you know. We are going to have to consider that when determining whether or not bikes should have access to a certain area. It just seems silly when you don't hear bullshit like eKayak or eCanoe. If it has a motor, thats cool. Say it has a motor in it. Just don't try to call it something its not by putting a sneaky little 'e' in front of it and then expect to slide into all the areas where we specifically said no motors. If it's on your own private land and you can distinguish and control all the different merits and various capabilities of these motorized things, then that's awesome. You can enjoy the f'ing piss out of them and you're new groundbreaking low speed, low impact motorized sport then! In fact I might even come try it! But don't say its the same as my bike over here. Because it's not. You are enjoying something different now. You play over there and I can come join you and try your game. And in the mean time I'll play over here and you can come join me and try my game. But lets not f-up two perfectly good games by trying to play both at the same time while pretending we are only playing my game and keeping my name. Make sense?

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