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Sept. 20, 2018, 8:51 a.m. -  Metacomet

Loved the articles, and love Uncle Dave. Now about these electropeds/electrocycles... I think we are all missing the whole damn point here. We are getting so caught up in the particulars and the merits, and in all the details that we (as an industry) is missing (perhaps deliberately) what really matters. Is there anything inherently wrong with electropeds/electrocycles? No!  Of course not!  It would be incredibly blindly hypocritical to say so when we prance around every day every hour in our horseless carriages and electrified homes and workplaces. What the hell would be wrong with a two wheeled device with an electric motor attached to it? Nothing at all. In fact that sounds fun as hell and very similar to other things I enjoy, and I bet I would love most everything about it! Now we have rules of course to say maybe we shouldn't bring motorized vehicles anywhere and everywhere we damn well please, because you know, some natural places worth protecting are better protected by keeping things with motors out of them. Things like certain forests and trails that have been given the OK for many different forms of passive recreation. Things like certain rivers and streams and lakes that are better protected by not allowing motorized boats. And that's great. Actually that works really well. We've got bikers and hikers and bird watchers and rollerbladers and skateboarders and dog walkers and hunters and fishermen and kayaks and families in canoes. Big kids, little kids, old kids. All kinds of different shit going on and none of them with a motor for these selected places.

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