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Sept. 20, 2018, 8:21 a.m. -  Shoreboy

I run a full length mucky nutz fender on the front (prefer the velcro to the zip ties) and rear of my bike year round.  The number of rocks and dirt I hear hitting the front fender even on dry days makes me appreciate how much it is saving me from getting hit in the eyes and face. The rear one is there to stop dirt/sticks/rocks from getting into the linkage and possibly messing up my frame.  Also helps to keep crap from accumulating on the dropper post to some degree.  Had some damage on my previous frame (DW link) with rocks getting stuck between the front and rear triangle.  They are so light and easy to install and remove, the benefits of running them year round are definitely positive.  In the winter, I usually go full mudhugger on the back.

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