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Sept. 19, 2018, 2:15 p.m. -  Bagheera

I hate to disappoint you, but unfortunately you're wrong about Switzerland. The Valais and Graub├╝nden cantons have very liberal regulations (they depend on tourism), while in other cantons, regulations are very strict (similar to Baden-W├╝rttemberg). You've forgotten France. While on the surface everything seems ok, I've heard stories of strong opposition to MTBers by hikers and hunters, leading in some instances to trail closures. The increase of lethal accidents is logical when you look at how many new e-bikes are sold. Most (if not all) of these accidents happen in traffic, not in a "sports" context. Giving more and more people who haven't ridden a bike in years the possibility to zip through heavy traffic at 45km/h (legal limit here) on a bicycle.... what could possibly go wrong.... But that's a whole other issue.

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