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Sept. 19, 2018, 9:11 a.m. -  rvoi

No matter how hard we try to paint it, the e-bike is essentially a completely different sport that requires different equipment and results in different rides. I can even envision e-bike specific riding gear (helmets, shoes, protection, clothing) coming soon ~ or more likely already here. Recognizing that, this issue personally comes down to cost consideration and available time for me. I only have the time and budget for a few serious pursuits. Not going to give up human-powered bike rides (or any of my other favorite summer activities) for e-bikes which leaves absolutely no budget or time for e-bikes. Even if I was interested in them, sacrificing something else to pursue it seems very unlikely. I enjoy the idea of motorcycles, alpine skis, and parachutes, but I don't own them for the same reasons. The only time I see myself on an e-bike in the next 5 years would be a rental situation in an e-bike specific area.

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