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Sept. 13, 2018, 6:57 a.m. -  rideitall

Great article and comments.  Got back into riding to work again and testing my lights.  I have a couple of older Dinotte light sets a triple headlead and a double quad for the bars (huuuugeee spread on the double quad but not much throw).  Fantastic lighs.  The batteries have seen too many years and charges so they need to be replaced.  I have a couple 4x18650 packs but the batteries were left in a poor state so need to replace the 18650s, but it's now pretty hard to get batteries shipped (I guess they are worried about them starting on fire or exloding). From a riding point of view it's great; old trails become new again.  I can remember, when night shuttling CBC / Neds was a go to and having some of the best and smoothest rides in the rain and fog.    Got a scare a couple of years ago doing a lap through Sticks and Stones.  Having a great ride, tunes on, when I got up near the top before going around the big rock and saw to green glowing eyes.  Headphones off and on high alert listening for further noise.  Luckily saw nothing further but definitely freaked me out.

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