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Sept. 11, 2018, 1:06 p.m. -  Brad_xyz

How many clicks of High Speed Compression did your Grip 2 test fork have? Mine has around 32 instead of the 16 listed in the manual.  There is a forum thread on this over at MTBR so it seems to be a common issue on early releases of this fork.  The confusing thing is that Fox seems to be saying different things to different people on how this issue affects the adjustment of the fork. What were your HCS and LSC settings once you were finished dialing it in?  I've currently got both compression settings wide open to try to reduce forearm fatigue.  I'm actually beginning to wonder if I have the 20wt gold oil in my damper side and the 5wt teflon infused oil in the air side (reverse of what should be) because all my damper settings (rebound as well) are way lighter than what fox recommends. Otherwise the fork just feels over-damped for me. In fact, with fox's recommended settings my bike actually slows down going over carpets of large roots or rocks because the damping is working so hard.  It's like someone is applying the brakes.  On the other hand, this fork is amazing when I get myself in over my head so maybe some arm pump is just the price to pay for that confidence.  However your experience with the fork compliance seems to be radically different.

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