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Sept. 5, 2018, 3:54 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Hi Nate, I have 2.6” SE5 tires mounted up but not enough time on them. The rubber is the same and performance is similar in current conditions other than the much more obvious transition from the centre to the side knobs on the SE5 which is much appreciated pushing into a loose sport surface up front. The SE4 doesn’t have as obvious a transition but I like how it grips at any angle when leaned over which is an issue with some Plus and +/- tires. For example I like the DHF up to the 2.5” size but would way rather have an SE4 once I get to 3” rubber. My guess is, just talking about the 2.6” tires, I will be happiest running the SE5 up front and the SE4 our back on my duallie. I will mix things around and I’m totally open to another conclusion. I will also try the SE5 on both a 30mm and 40mm ID rim (30mm is recommended). Thanks for reading!

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