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Aug. 31, 2018, 4:45 p.m. -  Alex D

I'm 175lb / 79kg with an i39 F / i29 R wheelset. The XR4 2.6 in the front is happy at 17 PSI (or less) with great lateral support. Tread blocks are even with the sidewalls. There's so much volume on the big rim that it never bottoms. I think ~i37 would be ideal for this tire. I'm interested to hear your take.  I've never actually tried a heavy casing. I've biased float and weight over stability. The bike is a Scalpel (albeit in trail guise with a wide cockpit and 185 dropper), so I suspect it'd be overmatched by terrain that'd really benefit from the SE-series. The previous XR2 2.35 lasted over 700 miles of rocky singletrack at race speeds before a cut near the bead from a nasty downhill put it down. Terrific weight / durability ratio in this lineup.

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