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Aug. 22, 2018, 10:03 a.m. -  natbrown

I'm re-reading this too, after 3.5 years. Now, I sense that we're progressing to all online content being provided by PB and RedBull. Perhaps not all, but the overwhelming majority. I personally am all about independent media in all forms, where people are driven by passion to do what they do. I don't mean that the people at PB or RedBull aren't necessarily passionate, but there's a brand that the individuals working for those places must adhere to and that homogenises the content substantially. The diversity provided by all the smaller websites (less so the print mags which probably have a real niche) just seems threatened by the dominance of the other two. Reviews of product can only go so far, even though that's valuable to me. I'm hanging on as an eager audience member here...

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