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Aug. 10, 2018, 12:44 p.m. -  ZigaK

Went through the same transition you're describing earlier in the year. 7yr went from 20" ht (department store) to something bigger. Initially I was looking for a 24", but, as 26/27.5" is so close in size, the 24" looses out because there is so much more offerings in 26/27.5" XS. Eventually we bought a 27+ ht (spec fuse) and it is really a great bike for rough terrain (relatively speaking).  Wide tires and looow pressure do the trick. To be honest, the fork is not doing anything for 20something kg rider weight. It might as well be rigid. I had to replace dropper post with a regular one so I gained precious few cm so he could reach the pedals :) also shortest stem I could find and it just fits him. As it turned out plus hardtail is great for my kids, I am looking at cannondale cujo 24" for the 4yr old

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