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Aug. 9, 2018, 4:58 p.m. -  Peter Leeds

I will say this. Back when I started riding women riding was as rare as hen's teeth, and the ones that did ride...I'm not going there.  Today, for example, when I ride Seymour....I sure wish I was in the dating scene today.  Finding a biker chick as another half......guess I missed that window. The wisdom Nouseforaname espouses does have some truth to it however.  The only one responsible for one's own happiness is themselves, and no one, no wife, girlfriend or whomever, is going to do that in the end.  But self fulfillment surely will, and for a biker, there is no better fulfillment than satisfying rides.  And also, we never know what the future holds; maybe in 5 years you can't ride anymore due to health or whatever.  Carp Diem.

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