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Aug. 9, 2018, 6:55 a.m. -  barefootmeshback

Sounds like it is time to practice your communication skills. This person needs to sit down and talk it out with their significant other and come to a compromise before they run out of patience and snap. I would personally pony up and get her a good bike, a legit good bike, or if she is really that tentative but excited about cycling maybe taking up road cycling or touring together might be in order. Then either find places where you can do a lap with her and then a lap on your own or maybe divide up the week so you get a ride on your own somewhere during the week. But really you both need to talk it out. If you can't talk about this, how will you deal with real serious stuff that pops up in a long term relationship? Also there is a decent amount of truth to 'Happy wife, happy life'.

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