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July 30, 2018, 10:57 a.m. -  icullis

Long time biker/forum troll/whiner/etc., first time poster..... The trail system 8 years ago was in a state of disrepair, with few options for beginners, and very little support from the landowners. NSMBA was instrumental in changing that....NSMBA has done a great job engaging the land owners and building a more sustainable diverse trail system. This system allows for people to try mountain biking and progress to harder and harder trails. It's fabulous to have choices for different trail difficulty levels, and trail options. Unfortunately, many challenging trails on Fromme were closed in 2010 (pinkstarfish, jerry rig, groovula, GMG, etc.). These trails were in various states of repair, but with the loss of them, many riders lost the ability to progress (I am in the process of re-building a hardtail from spare parts for a challenge).  Is there a plan for more challenging trails or the expansion of the trail network? What is the status of negotiations with Metro/DNV/RSTBC? I want to help! Let us know what the long term plan is for the trail network and how we can add our voices.

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