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July 20, 2018, 1:11 p.m. -  mzro

I have installed new MT Trail Sport brakes today and I am disappointed with a braking power. Not sure what's wrong with them but braking feels weaker then on my previous SRAM Level TL brakes that I have replaced with Maguras. It was almost impossible to skid, especially on higher speeds and with full grab on both brakes I am still able to pedal through. Modulation is great though. I have 203/180 brand new Trickstuff rotors installed. I still have to bed the pads properly - maybe it will improve braking? Also, I will try to clean rotors, maybe they have some sort of oil/grease on them. Not sure how to improve braking, I was expecting them to be much more powerful. Should I try to re-bleed them? Any advice is much welcome! Thanks.

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