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July 20, 2018, 11:53 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Hi Brad, Sorry about your bike; Awesome the bar works great for you. I wish I knew of a BC dealer for their saddles and bars as I get asked semi-regularly. I run a 16° alloy on my single speed (Fromme & Seymour MTB) and my commuter bike and I think it’s an easy sale for riders who are seeking options to resolve pain/discomfort on their bikes.  For me personally, pain in my elbow was really limiting how much I could ride my SS and the 16° made it all go away. Now my only excuse is fitness. I’ve met riders who’ve tried every crazy grip on the market for wrist or elbow issues and the extra sweep (12 or 16) makes a huge difference. Salsa makes a wide 11° bar now which is available through LTP and is a good sub for the 12°. For the 16°, I’m left recommending an online order. If you do find a shop bringing their stuff in let me know and I’ll give them a plug.

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