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July 13, 2018, 10:21 a.m. -  IslandLife

From what I've heard and read, pads with this type of padding material (soft stuff that gets hard on impact) can be ruined by washing and drying in machines. D30 is used in many padding applications including your Raceface Ambush pads, D30's own site explicitly says that laundering "will severely reduce the effectiveness of your D3O® product" - []( Raceface's care sheet says not to put them in the dryer at all, but that you can wash them in cold on gentle. But they also have a special note at the bottom that says - "* Items with D30 should be washed a maximum of 30 times and a water temperature no higher than 40°C". []( My current Dakine's with similar padding (they call it DK impact), tell you to hand wash and hang dry (which I do and works very well).

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