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July 13, 2018, 1:12 a.m. -  Tadpoledancer

If you compare the Ripmo and the Slash I'd say that the Ripmo has a more "modern" geometry. The headangle is decent for an all around bike, reach is longer and ST angle is steeper. I havent tried the Slash much, but my _guess_ would be that the Ripmo is the better quiverkiller bike of the two, with better pedaling characteristics. A plus with the Ripmo is that the headangle can be modified with anglesets if you want to experiment with geo. Also the seat tube lengths are really nice and short, so you can run long travel droppers and/or upsize to a larger frame should you want that. I'd say you get a pretty progressive bike if you take a XL Ripmo (493 mm reach, 76 degrees ST angle, 470 mm ST length) and slacken it out to whatever headtubeangle you would like (I guess around -2 degrees is about as much as it can be modified).

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