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July 12, 2018, 3:55 p.m. -  Nouseforaname

As a Slash owner i'd still pick the Slash given what i perceive as the dated-ness of the Ripmos geo - short tt (steep st angle and not super long reach) and 66deg HA -  I've not ridden a Ripmo - but AJs review seemed to hit what i expected - good all rounder but gets more nervous in the chunk at speed.  When big brands are speccing their bikes in the 65 deg HA range (and lower - Specialized) this bike seems old before it's time. Though my preference would be to leave both of them on the table and pick up Ajs personal ride (G16). So that probably tells you my leanings for what that's worth. I think companies need to stop worrying about wheelbase.

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