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June 20, 2016, 4:55 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown I told one of my riding friends I was cautiously optimistic about the Highline. It works as you'd expect, it seems well made, it is definitely designed from a focus on easy service (you could easily field strip it), and I can imagine the cost of ownership being quite low (after initial purchase price) compared to other posts on the market - even without the three year warranty. He was still laughing forty five minutes into our ride. Touche. Ran into another buddy on our ride. He wanted to know if it came in a nice box. Touche. As I said in the review - I'm skeptical based on my past product experiences and hopeful based on my past customer service experience. I should also say, I was a bit surprised how confident the folks at Crankbros are in this product. It's either the definition of insanity on their part or a few years from now we could be talking about the Highline being the great choice for riders looking for simple, reliable, dropper posts.

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