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June 22, 2016, 8:43 p.m. -  Cooper

#!markdown I'd for sure say they are. And I won't disagree with the 'hardtails are harder on components' aspect. Although if N=1 is scienceā€¦. The dropper on my squishy bike just died, and the dropper on my hardtail is still going. They were installed at the same time, although the one on my squishy bike has admittedly probably seen more riding. AND its a stealth, whereas my other post isn't. They're both 125mm Reverbs. So its not exactly apples to apples, nor is it anything approaching science. But the whole point of this is that my squishy bike has a slacker seat tube angle, especially when sagged. And that that post died. And it killed the post currently on my hardtail before I had it rebuilt. [shrug]

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