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July 3, 2018, 10:58 p.m. -  jpetter

Mike - do yourself a major favor and get a new YT Capra - you will get an equally fun and capable bike compared to the Nomad and save yourself $4000 (for an equally spec'ed bike). I sold my 2017 Nomad and got the top of the line Capra 29er for $7,400 all in, taxes and delivery. The equivalent new Nomad or Bronson is $11,000 plus taxes. The Capra is awesome. I'm a climber on the North Shore and in Squamish, meaning I ride up No Quarter, or Good Sir Martin or Legacy Trail to earn my downhill fun, and I think my Capra is far superior to my old Nomad in every way. And the 29 inch wheels means so many fewer peddle strikes vs the Nomad.

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