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June 23, 2016, 4:05 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Yes - BUT - who didn't look at the Kronolog and think "there is a reason that people's intestines are inside their bodies"? It's like running a shifter without a cover, an old Headshock fork with a boot, riding offroad without a helmet, sleeping with bike shop employee(s) without protection, or insert your preferred comparative on why you should cover the important bits here as opposed to just exposing them willy-nilly to everything bad in the world. If you bought a Kronolog I have a sweet set of Dual Control shifters I'll mount on a Softride beam bike for you for a super wicked price. Seriously - do the guy who sold it to you a serious favour and write him a letter of forgiveness so that when he gets to the pearly gates he isn't automatically sent down. The Highline at the very least evolves from the few positives of the Joplin line of posts (clean looks, smooth action when they worked, infinitely usable remote) where the Kronolog simply doesn't follow the lineage - it was like an Amish used-car salesman moonlighting as a stripper at Lusty Lee's Luxury Lounge. I've told - and laughed at - Crankbrothers reliability and packaging jokes with the most cynical, sardonic, sarcastic pricks to ever ride bicycles (miss you Oldfart-Andy! How's Whistler?) and even I'm not going to kick a drunkard that falls off the wagon hits rock bottom (Kronolog) and finally comes clean! Joplin 3, Joplin 4, Kronolog, Highline: It's like a Scotsman who has a couple of bad relationships with women, switches (just one time) to stuffing sheep legs in his Wellingtons, and then gets back out there and tries dating again. Good job Crankbrothers - get back out there and show the world what you have to offer! … And that, that ladies & gentlemen is why I've never been invited to help a company with their marketing materials. Daily update for Cooper: Highline still smooth, tight, and workin' right. Cheers Lee!

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