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June 28, 2018, 12:05 a.m. -  fartymarty

I haven't used a tube in a long time but still carry one.  I am re-thinking this as I carry tyre plugs, patches and a small bottle of stans (plus valve screw).  For my local 2-3 hour rides I think I would rather try fixing a tubeless trailside and give up and walk home rather than putting a tube in.  Saying all that I am probably going to double flat on my next ride.... Update - a few rides after my comment above I flatted on a group ride.  My 60ml bottle of Stans in my waist pack saved me having to use a tube as I was low on sealant.  Having never used C02 (and relying on a pump) I am now a convert especially on group rides. I now carry a tube and tools on all rides - and of course my little bottle of Stans.

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