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June 20, 2018, 5:46 p.m. -  Esteban

"*While everyone has been taken care off, issues must be considered..." "The rear hub is where the magic happens. Choose between a 2x6 pawl configuration for 216-points / 1.66° engagement or 3x6 pawl configuration for 144-points / 2.5° engagement." isn't that backwards? "my hub started skipping periodically" How does that feels? Never happened to me, what to look for? This info is useful because not always are sounds instantly evident as to what is their cause. Great to hear P321 stood up! Even after the aftermarket mods you did! They really need to sort that out if they plan to sell to regular consumers (don't feel so special, most mtb amateur and even some pro riders are neophites to the inner mechanics of their components; suffice for them to be of renown—or even better, utterly unknown—and in an anodized color (performance is a given past certain price level; companies that don't deliver at these prices don't last long), and having a basic knowledge of how parts are called, wich I'm certain happens easier, the unscholarliness of mtb by most riders I mean, because how products are named: "dude that's the FOX64! Totally far-out, rad yeaboi!". Maybe an idea for naming them based on intended activity? "FOX DH/Enduro/Trail Team/Pro/Race" (somebody tell RockShox and FOX and don't forget to tell them it was my idea and it would be very nice of them to send me a new suspension. Tell Öhlins too). Ohhh, the loudness being switchable by inverting the prawls, maybe they're not planing on selling to the "commoneers" that don't know their mechs? I mean, "adjusting the tension twice", who'd have thought of that? Completely unheard of. And I know guys on Santa Cruces (yes, that's actually the spanish plural) that as I've mentioned, know jack of how their dentist set-ups works (one of them even "upgrading" parts—yes they're upgrades but at what level you really benefit from them?). \_I\_ didn't knew of user adjustable bearing hubs! What's that witchcraft? Changes drag? And I can't stress this enough: a hub that needs a relube from the user right after buying it, is not a premium hub. "aside from my issue early on, performance has been flawless and that's what I'd expect if I ordered a set of hubs today", so, you actually expect to have to not only service, but improve, premium hubs if you ordered them today??? "The quiet pawls are not silent in the same vein as a True Precision or Onyx" without googling, because they don't use prawl systems, no? "Project 321 recommends the 3x6 configuration for Tandems, E-Bikes, and riders over an arbitrary 275-lbs" if you ask them, it will most certainly not be arbitrary. Quite the contrary, that number must have arose from the science involved in creating this parts with such stress factors. Why would anyone make a 2-prawl verions under a 3-prawl, two different markets? Man, I'm so high.

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