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June 20, 2018, 11:53 a.m. -  JD

I too had skipping issues from day 1 with my hub. It was grease-filled, and I started riding it in the fall, so the lower temps didn't help. By the time I had ascertained that it was indeed slipping, I had metal filings inside. P321 supplied replacement pawls and drive ring, but it was a little bit of an ordeal as they had to send the drive ring tool as well from the US to Canada, and I had to ship it back. All of that took some time, but it was over the winter and I had other bikes to ride, so no big deal. All in all, I was mostly happy with their service, and I'm pleased with the hubs since the fix. The hub is significantly louder now with the oil - yes it is quieter than my I9s, but with the grease it was damn near silent. I would consider buying again, but then again my Hopes and my I9s have been trouble-free...

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