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June 20, 2018, 10:24 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Without you saying what make, model, and ~model year of hub you had issues with it's hard to give the best comparative answer. For example, the only high-end hub I've ever had issues with breaking axles on personally where Chris King hubs when they used their 3-piece alloy axle system. Those axle ends snapped whether the hubs were loose or tight but they moved away from that system on mountain bike hubs over a decade ago. I've had frustrations in the past with preloaders coming loose on a few different hubs (including the newer Chris King axle/preloader system) but I find a little bit of copper anti-seize on the threads solves the issue every time. I didn't put any anti-seize on the P321 threads but that's what I would do if I had an issue. I'm ~185lbs and I've had zero issues with the P321 bearing preloader moving. Maybe it's the fine threads? Maybe it's the width (contact area) compared to most bearing preloaders? For what it's worth, I have not read anywhere of people having any issues with the hubs coming loose. The 3x6 version uses exactly the same pawls so you can choose quiet or loud for either version of the hub. It's still a very fast engaging hub as well.  Thanks!

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