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June 18, 2018, 6:09 p.m. -  Justin White

The Transition talk seems the most marketing BS to me, since they did most of SBG around 2015 or 2016: longer reach & wheelbase, shorter stem, slacker head, steeper seat. Then in 2018 they added shorter offset, probably to make up for the enormous wheelbase, and called it "all new SBG".  They were at/near the front of the long reach plus steep seat angle movement, but kind of jumped the marketing shark with SBG, IMO. I see a lot of mentions that say slack head angle increases trail, and too much is trail bad (floppy, slow steering), and then immediately say that less offset also increases trail, but it's now a good thing... So, reduced offset also increases trail, but somehow doesn't have the same negatives of increased trail from slacker head angle? Doesn't make sense without mention wheelbase, and especially Front-center.  If course that test bike with the angle-set steepened head angle and super short offset fork has big time wheel tuck: the front center is probably 25-30mm shorter than normal. That's kinda like going from a 50mm stem to an 80mm stem, with would pretty much be blasphemy, and of course would make it feel like the front wheel was way too close underneath the rider.

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