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June 10, 2018, 1:24 p.m. -  AM

We were there this year already for 3 days of riding. What attracted me was the amount of vert you could easily pedal in a day for that time of the year. We would roll out of our camp site at 11-12 with a solid 8 hours of daylight to go. Everything was snow free around the area this year by early may. Did Lawler the first day from the highway - found the dirt to be just amazing, best dirt of the trip for me. Moon point the second day, which has some crazy treed sections, then crazy meadows with lava rock everywhere. Not as fun for me but still great. Then Alpine from the bridge the 3rd day. All the roads there are such a mellow grade, we managed to pedal 4500m+ elevation over 3 days and not be completely cooked. I don't think i would bother riding these trails twice in a day to get faster, so shuttling seemed kinda pointless to me. We hit Black Rock on the 4th day before driving home. Theres still so much to see here (Eula, Dead Mountain, Larisson, Cloverpatch variation of Alpine) and then lots more around Sisters too. We ate one night at a sweet BBQ joint cant remember the name though and camped out at Black Canyon Campground. No showers but riverside camp sites. 20 bucks a night, but there are plenty of free ones around too. Brewers was good for beer, but theres so many good options out of grocery store that we just generally drank campfire beers.

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