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June 5, 2018, 2:16 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Any time! Assuming you have your seat post clamped in a stand with a rotating head, just swing your bike so the rear wheel is pointed upwards (bike is vertical) and now you will find your fork is horizontal. Easy to slide the lowers off with no loss of fluids and no mess. Which fork is stock on your bike? You won't need very much fluid in the lowers so your local shop will probably sell you a syringe worth if you ask.  Pressure readings from shock pumps are always suspect. They get dropped, ingest dirt and oil, some of the cheap ones aren't close to accurate out of the box. You need measure sag and then figure out what that works out to for PSI on your pump or pumps.  On the Hawk Hill somewhere between 25-28% sag rear and 23-25% sag front is a safe starting point. The fork always firmer (less sag) than the rear and always faster (rebound) as well. Cheers,

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