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June 27, 2016, 8:37 a.m. -  kurtm

#!markdown Thanks for the helpful article. I've got about 10 rides in on my 2015 Spartan RR. The shock (debonair) seems to be losing air very quickly. When it was brand new, it leaked like crazy, whooshing air out on every compression. Eventually this subsided and it lost air at a slower rate. I attributed this to dried out seals from sitting on the shop floor for a year and a half before I bought the bike. But the problem persists. I've confirmed that it's not just the shrader filler valve. I can pump the shock up to 260 psi (I weigh 220 lbs) and by mid ride it's down to 170. On the other hand, if I fill the shock up and leave the bike sitting untouched for a few days, no air at all is lost. Do you think a re-grease as you've descried above would help with this problem? I'd send the shock in for warranty but I don't want to be without it for a week or so. This article came in at the exact perfect timing for me. Thank you.

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