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June 4, 2018, 2:49 p.m. -

Thanks Andrew for the reply! Set up my bike and I found I'm running way more than Marin's recommended pressure \\(126 PSI in the rear at 200lbs.  _I'm closer to 155 PSI, is this consistent with what you were finding?  _Front PSI I'm running at about 120. The geometry \\(large\\) is also really interesting, and I need to spend some time further fine tuning as currently at 6ft, I have my bars stacked and the saddle height is still at least 2.5" above, if not slightly more.   I feel like I must have something wrong here... I can't be an XL.   Good tip on the fork service! I need to find some oil and slickoleum ASAP. I wish the seals could be accessed without dumping all the oil out of the lowers, but it will be a learning opportunity.     Also great tip on the rotors - I immediately swapped out to a Shimano RT66 and the braking is considerably better than the rear.  That will be next!

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