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May 30, 2018, 3:01 p.m. -  Moritz Haager

Update: they are offering to sell me a crash replacement. While I'm not necessarily surprised, I am disappointed. I just don't think a bike costing 6k should break from what's essentially a  tip over while at stand still. If it does then IMO 1\. It's not designed well enough for its intended purpose, 2\. It's the wrong material for its intended purpose, 3\. The company should have a no questions asked replacement policy for at least one year from purchase, or 4\. It's only realistic for those with very deep pockets who don't have qualms about buying a new frame on an annual basis. While I'm fortunate enough to be a high income earner I still cannot justify this kind of expense, never mind the hassle of being without a bike for a significant portion of our \(Short\) riding season in Alberta. I think I'll be selling this bike once I get the replacement and looking to go back to aluminum. Maybe NSMB could put together an article on high end aluminum bikes that rival the best CF rigs out there?

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