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May 30, 2018, 1:47 p.m. -  Andrew Major

Lots of great questions - thank you! So first, yes the helmet is less likely to survive a crash. And apparently that’s not the universal selling feature I would think it to be. I’ll be talking a bit about Kali’s crash replace policy when I review the Interceptor but here’s the info : []( Regarding the hotspot you’re feeling ((Insert some kind of Disclaimer with legal mumbo jumbo and some common sense statements and some talking to you like you’re an idiot and also five)) I have a funny shaped crown and have had to do VERY TINY modifications to many helmets over the years to avoid that water torture sensation. I’ll get an official word but personally I would think nothing of trimming the ArmorGel formations at the pressure points you’re feeling. ((Insert some Disclaimer about consulting a helmet modification professional and not trying this at home and etc)) In the case of the Interceptor the softer foam is sandwiched between harder foam to handle sheer loads of the venting/inmoulding so it should be no more susceptible to the little incidents you’re referencing. Hope that’s helpful!

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