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May 30, 2018, 1:20 p.m. -  slyfink

I have one of those Interceptors.  I quite like it.  It's quite breezy.  My main complaint is that those green dimples start digging into my head after about an hour.  After 2 hours, I feel like I have a vise clamping down in two very precise spots on my head.  It's beyond uncomfortable, and pushes into painful territory.  When fall riding with a lamp on top, it's excruciating until I start riding with a tuque.  Maybe this is a design element to look into?  The Leatt version \(blue dough\) looks like it wouldn't do that... Something to think about? One question for you : if the Kali uses softer foam, does that mean the "knock" that renders it useless would have less force?  I.e. We're told that a helmet is a single-use piece of equipment.  One blow to the head, and it should be replaced.  The question always is, how big of a blow does it have to be to count?  So my question is: if Kali uses softer foams, will the blow that tells me I should send it to the trash be softer? \(e.g. I glanced my helmet off the tree trunk I was passing under because I misjudged how low it was vs. I high-sided and whiplashed my head onto concrete with great force\)  Also, does that soft foam make it more or less susceptible to those small dings and dents from putting your helmet in your gear bag, or hanging in from the bars while pushing up the hill, or having it roll around the trunk when driving to and from the trail?

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