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May 25, 2018, 10:26 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Alex, as with the “endless grease issues” comment I think you’re being a bit loose with the hyperbole here. Project 321 has been producing their own hub internals for less than a year. Before that they were just stock Industry-9 internals. As with any pawl hub you can just run mineral oil if you prefer. I’ve also had great luck with really light synthetic oil. I prefer Dumondetech but there are a range of products that work fine including cheap sewing machine oil. I don’t know why anyone would needs parts re. flushing grease / installing oil. I guess if I kept riding sticking pawls I could have damaged the internals. Anyways, P321 is aware that the grease was a F-Up. What works in one local or a certain set of testing conditions doesn’t work everywhere sometimes. Challenge of being a small company etc. I’m stoked that you’re stoked on the new Shimano hubs but I think it’s possible to do that without exaggeratedly shitting on other products.

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