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May 25, 2018, 9:31 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Currently writing a long term review of P321 hubs and curious about your “endless grease issues” comment. I had issues with the stock grease early in my review, flushed it, replaced it with Dumondetech freehub oil and they been amazing since.  It was a ten minute fix.  The hubs have been coming stock with oil instead of grease for months. ... The hub design is very interesting but I don’t see it confirmed anywhere if they are using cartridge bearings or still insisting on cup-and-cone which makes them a no-sale for a lot of riders.  I’ll bet by the time we can buy XTR, or more importantly XT, every manufacturer will have a compatible freehub body \[insert joke: except Chris King, theirs is coming in 2035\]. Shimano wanted to keep specs under wraps until now but there is no way they’re going to give up a huge volume of cassette sales to sell a few hubs.

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