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May 24, 2018, 11:02 a.m. -  Cooper Quinn

"I think builders should be playing more to carbon's ability to create unique forms" Of course you do, you design nerd. \(and, hey. I 100% agree with Bill Lear, "If it looks good, it'll fly the same." I'm always a bit disappointed when a carbon bike just looks like two triangles.\)  Talking to a friend who designs such plastic-fantastics for us to enjoy, this person would LOVE to make carbon frames a couple hundred g heavier, but basically can't because "marketing" and "europe".  Without entirely agreeing with Verdone's assessment of why people are so focused on weight, its certainly one of the BIG numbers that people look at when assessing a new ride.  And, kudos to Knolly for caring about it a lot less than some.

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