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May 24, 2018, 11:01 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Cheers! I think mountain biking would be in a better place if in the majority of cases we just assumed carbon = aluminum but lighter. Sometimes (like in this case) it’s stiffer-enough to notice but not always (31.8 Spark 800mm aluminum bars are just as wow-that’s-stiff as Chromag 35mm BZA carbon).  Anyways, it will be all good. I have hundreds of hours on the carbon and the bars geometry is more important than a subtle stiffness difference. I do highly recommend finding a thickness of grips you like, buying a push-on grip that size, and gluing and wiring them. I love Renthal Super Tacky Push-Ons but there are lots of excellent fatter options - Race Face Chester is great as is the Square Wave or SW-XL from Chromag. Everyone I know with hand issues who I’ve convinced to ditch lock-ons wishes they’d done it years ago. It helps with vibrations for sure.

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