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May 22, 2018, 12:56 p.m. -  Michael

Count me in as a Knolly rider that wishes for steeper seat angles (both actual and effective) and I'm not that tall at barely 5'8" riding a medium 27.5 Endo. Knolly's being fairly progressive use their travel pretty easily at the beginning of their stroke this makes for significant "extra sag" when climbing the steeps. I love the engineering in the aluminum frame; few alloy frames are as well engineered but I am looking forward to the next iterations with steeper seat tubes and a longer reach to accommodate. We've had slack seat tubes forever, its time for steeper, its much easier to use an offset post than it is to manipulate a frame or compromise seated cockpit by sliding the seat forward or handling by running a long stem to accommodate a wider range of people.

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