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May 18, 2018, 11:42 p.m. -  mightyted

I ride a warden and have demoed an Endo. My wife went for the endo. The asta on the endo is steeper than on the warden. For me it makes for a tighter cockpit. I didn't relate to Pete's comments about the saddle position when climbing. I think it's pretty good. I would mention the warden design is 5 years old. Pete might be comparing it to more recent longer lower models like the Nomad?  I'm not an mtb historian but might say that knolly has been placing there bb well back of the seat tube intersection for a while.   One observation I would make is how the front triangle on the carbon is better suited for a water bottle. And how the fugitives front triangle is the same in that regards.  A change I suspect is coming to more of Noels bikes over the next few years.   My wife and I love our bikes.   Great article guys Thanks

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