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May 18, 2018, 7:55 a.m. -  Martin

Thanks for the recommendations Andrew! The SE4 looks pretty close to what my ideal tire would look like. Maybe with TRS sideknobs. I prefer lined-up side knobs and not too wide of a channel, and those SE4s seem to be a good compromise. I've mounted some E13 TRS+s and I find them quite square on 29mm ID rims. I've never used a squared-profile tire like that so I might need some time to get the right feel for them. And since the Specialized tires are buy one get one until June 3rd, I ordered a pair of Butchers GRID 29x2.6s \(the new Gription version\) to try them. In store they had quite a nice shape but the compound seemed less sticky than the E13s. Probably faster rolling though. How would you compare wet roots/rocks and off-camber traction on the TRS+ vs Butcher and SE4 tires ?

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