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May 9, 2018, 10:45 a.m. -  Alex D

I buy and sell bikes frequently, but this is why I don't do it with mountain bikes. Between suspension, droppers, and hydraulic brakes, there's too much to go wrong that's expensive to fix. And people beat on them! It's intrinsic to the sport. I'd rather resell modestly-built parts that were used on paths than more sturdy stuff that was sessioned every weekend.   Last bike I bought was a rigid 700c disc Charge with Avid hydraulics. I knew the brakes were badly engineered from the outset. What I didn't know is that the owner had 'maintained' them by filling them with mineral oil. That's not something you come back from in the cost envelope of a bike worth under $400 at resale. I ended up binning everything but the rotors.   Another point to reemphasize is that not everyone's figured out how to make a durable carbon frame, and frame warranties only apply to the original purchaser. You get an 8K bike for 4K; great. But if a crack arises from a manufacturing defect \(or just an underengineered part\), you could be on the hook for a mid-4-figure replacement.

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