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May 9, 2018, 5:45 a.m. -  Luix

Your shop might have given those brakes the bleed of their lifetime, but it's Shimano to blame for the wandering bite point. They don't anodize the inner side of the MC after machining it, and the piston ends up eroding the surface and preventing the seals from doing their work. The grey fluid coming out with your bleed confirms this. Also, the ceramic pistons on the XT and above calipers tend to develop micro-cracks which suck air in and -once they grow big enough- let oil out, contaminating the pads.  The cure is either warranty them, or -depending on whether you get dark oil out of a bleed or not- a new set of brake levers, new calipers (some folks are successfully running "Shiguras" by mating Magura calipers to their Shimano levers) or switching brands entirely. Both of the issues I described above are  well known and widely documented online, for every Shimano brake above the Deore product line.

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