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May 4, 2018, 10:22 a.m. -  AndrewR

@James Vasilyev: I totally agree with the 9T even when running a 30T chain ring  For me the perfect cassette would be: 48-42-37-32-28-24-21-18-15-13-11 and I doubt that I would use the 11T very often. That represents even 13% jumps. I would still run it on an XD driver as it saves weight and I have not had any bearing issues in four years of running XD. I would rather have the smoother shifts and a cassette that focuses on climbing and trail riding rather than a commuting gear \(which is what the 10 and 9 are for me\) Garbaruk make a 48-10T. An 11% shift would be: 48-43-38-34-30-27-23-20-17-14-12 so that would shift beautifully smoothly between gears and be the perfect 11 speed trail cassette. e\*thirteen or Garburuk would be able to machine it up at around 290-310 grams and it would be super long lasting so good value for money. And I could easily live with that where I ride \(Whistler & Sea to Sky Corridor\) as any time I am going really fast downhill I am not pedalling and we don't have long commute rides to get to and from our trails. I am 300 km in on my TRS+ cassette and I am very impressed with the smoothness of shifting \(as good as my XX1 cassette\).  There were no set up issues with my XTR M9050 rear derailleur \(despite it being three years old and beat up\). The TRSr appears to be almost identical and is about 10 grams lighter for the additional $100 retail.

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